Individual Retreat and Friends Retreats:

Experience the tranquility and personalized care of Clearwater Retreat. Start your retreat by learning the ancient healing system of Ayurveda.  As we share an hour and half session discovering your mind, body constitution and you learn lifestyle practices to restore balance. Then enjoy learning the practices of yoga and meditation; while a polarity therapy session fully relaxes and rejuvenates body, mind and spirit.  In a full day retreat you will be offered a healthy lunch, lounge on the deck of your choice, walk the sacred labrynth, journal, grab a book from the library.  Oh, the sounds of nature will delight your senses. 

Half Day - 4 hrs    Enjoy a private session in Yoga, Meditation, Polarity Therapy, spend time relaxing with a book and a cup of Ayurvedic Tea. Build a Retreat day.    Price $180 

Full Day - 6 hrs  Enjoy a private session receiving an Ayurvedic Consultation, Yoga, Meditation, Polarity Therapy, a healthy Ayurvedic lunch and time in nature.  Build a Retreat day.  Price:  $299.0

An Ayurvedic Consultation day will provide greater health, balance, and well-being.  I enjoy assisting people coping with a wide variety of health issues and challenging life situations, including physical illness, anxiety, depression, weight concerns, insomnia, overall stress.   We'll come up with a lifestyle plan that will work for you.

In a comfortable relaxed setting, we'll work with you to restore your balance and transform your relationship to your body, mind and the world around you.

Call Belinda at 978-578-3811, we'll work together to arrange the best package for you. 

Besides the above you can request any of the following topics to add to your session:

  • Perfect Health Program – A 5 course series with workbook

  • Ayurveda - discover your unique mind/body constitution

  • An Ayurvedic view of Food as Medicine

  • Daily and Seasonal Routines

  • Hatha Yoga a series of poses to create flexibility, strength, peace

  • Yoga for Athletes = increase performance, strength and focus

  • Relaxation Techniques - breathwork and meditation

  • Improve your sleep and feel rejuvenated

  • Nutrition and the six tastes

  • Ayurvedic cooking classes, monthly- Enjoy with friends

  • Invoking the 5 senses – activating the healing power of sight, sound, smell, sound, touch and taste

  • Be guided in a seven day cleanse to clear and revitalize


"You are such a kind and wonderful teacher and your great instruction really opened up a new world to me.  The whole experience reminded me of one of my favorite quotations:
Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Lauren

Belinda's knowledge, wisdom and skills make her not only a wonderful teacher, but a powerful healer and coach for improved health and overall wellness. She is very gifted at using her training and intuition to personalize a wonderful introduction to yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine in a kind and encouraging atmosphere that promotes positive and open thinking about a balanced lifestyle. " - Jackie



Call Belinda and she will personalize your time here.