Based on the Principles of Dr. Randolph Stone

Dr. Randolph Stone created these yoga postures after traveling and studying many cultures and witnessing the affects of their movements on their health.  He notes that when a person felt tired, restless or could not relax, then the energy currents of the body were not operating properly.  Doing the postures for a few moments starts to open the currents of flow in the body.

Polarity Yoga postures are simple yet effective, relieving certain imbalances in our system.  Whether it be a headache, stomach ache, sleeplessness, stress, anxiety and/or a desire for calmness, peace, rejuvenation; these postures bring harmony to the body.  These postures can easily and effectively be done any time throughout the day.  The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.

It is best to wear loose fitting clothing, of mainly natural fibers to allow the energies and the body to move easily.   Warm up the muscles with a little stretching prior to doing the postures is recommended. For some of the postures you may want a stool or chair for support depending upon your level of health.

The use of BREATH and SOUND are very important to the effectiveness of these postures. As research has proven, sound holds a vibration.   This vibration which is created by the HA sound or high pitched humming used in some of these postures clears blocks in our system.  These blocks in our energetic system is what causes the headache, stomach ache, etc……….


The majority of these postures are based upon the use of the SQUAT, both narrow and wide.  Dr. Stone discovered the many benefits that came from squatting.

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Increase gas release, especially good for constipation and digestive issues
  • Increases oxygen in the body creating vitality
  • Released mental and emotional tension
  • Soothes
  • Enhances energy flow, energizes the body
  • Opens and lengthens the pelvis and spine
  • Preventative for back problems
  • Tones leg muscles and buttocks
  • Relaxation as it promotes inner calm and a sense of well-being

The contraindications for any squat posture are bad knees or varicose veins.  In these cases, use a stool/chairfor proper support.

References:  These postures are also found in detail in the following books:

  • Health Building by Dr. Stone
  • Polarity Therapy, Vol. 1&2
  • Energy Exercises by John Chitty
  • Polarity self-help Exercise by John Francis
  • Spa Tech Institute, Ipswich MA -  Polarity Yoga booklet

In laying out the yoga postures, I have categorized them based upon an imbalance you may experience, allowing this to be a quick reference for the correct posture to use for fast relief.   In using these exercises you will discover the power of our body’s ability to heal itself.  Enjoy and may these yoga exercises guide you to a balanced, healthy body.


Wide Squat

The following postures use the wide squat.  To do the wide squat, position feet 12-24″ a part.  Place elbows on inside of knees. Place hands in a prayer position.  Allow head to drop forward.  Inhale and press elbows into knees stretching the inner thighs and buttocks.  Exhale and release arm and thigh tension.  Rock side to side, forward and back to release various muscle groups and stagnant energy.


Stomach Ache, Digestive Trouble

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Stress, Anger, Frustration

When we have these unpleasant feelings the following postures can be effective at providingfast, balancing relief within moments.  Discover how you can turn a situation or feeling into a more supportive, calming and healing environment with these postures!

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Sinus and head colds

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Neck, Shoulder and Back Tension

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Peace, Calming, Centering

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All of the above calming postures are wonderful before bed, to relax and bring peace to the mind and body.

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