Experience Clearwater's Dedicated Meditation Room

Designed to provide tranquility and views of nature, this special Meditation Room allows you to soothe body, mind and spirit. Enjoy it on your own or participate in a Meditation Class.

Meditation is a journey of discovery of self. Belinda started meditating while attending school for Polarity and Energy Bodywork, and as is typical for many new to meditation, found it very difficult to sit and not let her thoughts bombard her.  

As Belinda's journey in Integrative Work increased, Ayurveda led her to Meditation and Yoga, at a very challenging time in her life. An active mother of 2 young boys, she couldn't conceive of sitting for 10-30 minutes twice a day, doing "nothing".  Could meditation really make that much of a difference?  

As Belinda learned from a year-long meditation teacher training experience, the profound and powerful practice will change your life. The practice slowly becomes a ritual, as the profound effects of meditation and the freedom "moksha" encourages one to go deeper. Her training from a dear friend, who moved to the Himalayas to study with her Guru, provides the foundation for her teaching and inspiring you. It is with great pleasure and wisdom she shares her learnings with you, that will guide you to a place of peace and freedom.