Ayurvedic Wellness Cooking Class -  a Favorite of the Retreat  

In Ayurveda, we teach the importance of eating foods that are rich in Prana (life force energy), made up of the six tastes(Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent).   Learn what tastes to eat when our body and mind are out of balance.  If feeling dry (constipation, skin, mind racing) or heated (rashes, stinging eyes, heartburn, intergestion) or wet (congestion, runny nose, wet cough, sluggish, loose stools).

All foods at Clearwater are from Carrboro Farmers Market or Organic making each meal Farm to Table, rich in energy, color and love. The joy and laughter shared makes these classes pure FUN!

"Belinda, your Ayurvedic cooking class was so much fun! I learned about my Doshas, my strengths and challenges.  We learned how to use food, oils, herbs and spices to help keep ourselves in balance.  Our food, wine, sauces and company was absolutely AMAZING.  What a treat!!  Can't wait for the next one."  -- Susan Depew

Clearwater Cooking I: 

In our introductory class, you'll learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, discover your own mind/body constitution, how the elements in nature are expressed through them and how they relate to the foods we eat.  Learn about the six tastes and how to apply them into your daily life for optimum health or during times of imbalance to bring health back into balance.  We'll divide up into three groups, each group making a sauce that represents one of the Doshas.  Then we sit and enjoy, while continuing education in how eating with awareness impacts how much we eat, our digestion and the vibration we carry throughout our meal.  

Clearwater Cooking II:

This class is offered to those who have attended the first class or have an understanding of the doshas and six tastes.  We'll recap and discuss topics below, then prepare and enjoy a delicious meal.

- Favorite recipes from home - share and learn how to incorporate effortlessly the six tastes into each meal.

- Food combining - gain awareness into which foods do and do not go together and what symptoms can we experience from pairing well or mis-matching.

- Ayurvedic Super Foods - what makes them so special?