Belinda Macri

Wellness Lifestyle Consultant

          Ayurvedic Consultant

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Meditation Teacher
Registered Polarity Practitioner

Clearwater Retreat
Chapel Hill, NC  27517

  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Bodywork


Click here to see additional services and programs Belinda offers.

Click here to see additional services and programs Belinda offers.


Journey Into Healing – Chopra Center, 3/13, 9/12, 9/10, 8/09, Present
Certified Meditation Teacher - 1/14-1/15
Seduction of Spirit – Chopra Center, 4/11
American Yoga Academy, Certified Yoga Instructor, 10/12
Chopra Center, Ayurvedic Consultant Program, 12/11
Chopra Center, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program, 2/09 – 10/09
Spa Tech Institute, Ipswich, MA – 5/18/05-5/31/06
Graduate of the Polarity Realization Program – Total Hrs. of program = 660
In addition, I completed 100 sessions to become a Registered Polarity
Practitioner with the American Polarity Therapy Association. Currently
licensed in the town of Hamilton/Wenham, MA.
Member AAPNA - 2016
Member: ABMP (American Bodywork Massage Professionals)
Member: APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association)

My own healing journey started in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic, where I was currently living.  I experienced a life lesson that changed my course in life completely.  Having just moved from London to Prague with my family including two young boys at the time, many would say I had a perfect life living in Europe and traveling to many beautiful places, broadening ones horizons without doubt.   However, soon after moving to Prague, the language, culture, climate all became very challenging to me.  Before long, I found myself unable to do the easy task of preparing my boys snacks for school which then lead into a deep depression.  Having always been a happy, positive, energetic person these feelings were foreign to me; I soon struggled with the emptiness inside.   I seeked help from the Canadian Medical Center who prescribed me anti-depressants to help lift my mood.  Surely after a few months I began to feel better, able to function in public and at home with more comfort.    As soon as this happened, I came down with what doctors say was a, “Czech virus”; high fever and at a point of almost being unconscious.  At that point, my health suffered tremendously, in and out of Czech hospitals with no one being able to help.  I could no longer lift my head up.   Finally a Czech doctor, Dr. Jan Sula, came to our home and took me to his clinic where I spent two weeks.   There he had a nutritionist, an energy healer, and massage therapist all work on me each day.  The following were immediately integrated into my day; walks in nature, nourishing food, music, incents, mountain biking, were all part of my healing process.   I quickly regained my strength and vitality.  It opened my eyes up to the power of the human body.  How could I go from not lifting my head to feeling vibrant in a matter of a few weeks?  This very thought propelled my journey and continues.

Upon leaving Prague, it was my mission to take this learning I had just gone through and use in a way to help others in their healing journey.  Energy healing, which I continued with for months after the immediate healing was something I wanted to learn more about.  After landing in Massachusetts, I started school at the Polarity Institute just a few minutes up the street.   I loved it and learned so much about the energetic body; it is a joy to practice it now!  Now having completed the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program with the Chopra Center and sharing with others this amazing healing system is a dream.  The Ayurvedic lifestyle is something I practice each day, meditation, yoga/exercise, nutrition, sounds, scents, sights, nature and energy work.  I know it is powerful from my own experience thus my passion to share it with others! I will continue to integrate Polarity and Ayurveda together, to assist clients in achieving their highest level of health and wellbeing!

With love and joy,

With my deepest gratitude to my doctor, Jan Sula and to Gennedy, my energy healer. To my husband and two boys, thank you for your love and support.